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Boat charm for a demanding crew.



A little history...


The Senang is a boat of 12 meters placed in the category of Trawlers.

In 1975, his former owner, wealthy Dutch industrialist, makes plans and requires the owner to make a sturdy boat and use the finest wood to decorate the interior. He takes special care to install the most advanced technology at the time, to such an extent that today there is no reason to modify the electronic controls available to the pilot.

Equally comfortable in coastal than inland waters, the ship sailed mainly in Northern Europe.

Its ongoing maintenance and impeccable condition, both from the point of view of its hull, its interior as its engine, make this a unique piece sailing boat on the Seine.

Its maneuverability and good proportions allow it to pass without difficulty locks and canals of the city of Paris while offering passengers a comfort level of high quality.

Safety and regulatory compliance.


The boat is equipped with two engines VOLVO PENTA operable independently of one another. Consumption remains very low by today's standards (2.5 l / h). Two control commands on the deck and in the cockpit allows the pilot to accompany passengers. Bow thruster in the bow, good handling are the real strengths of this boat.

Subject to regulations on passenger vessels, small improvements have been made on the boat before its expertise for commercial use.

Today with 4 tanks (2 fuels and 2 waters), it offers a range of unprecedented cruise boat of this type.

The weapon is made and meets the existing legislation. VHF is installed on board to meet the requirements for navigation in Paris.


Onboard comfort and equipment


To accommodate passengers in good condition and enjoy the view of Paris, the main deck of almost 10 m2 is exceptionally large for this type of boat.

The cabin access is facilitated by two side doors directly overlooking the square of driving a headroom of 1.95 m2. Lounge allows passengers to protect themselves in case of rain. The boat is equipped with two toilets. The master bedroom can be transformed into a small meeting room.

The level of equipment suitable offers comfort to passengers (hot and cold water, 2 refrigerators, 220 V, Webasto heating).

The crew.


You would design to share this great moment of relaxation and discovery without the complicity of those who are members of our crew?


This is a question we ask ourselves every day, concerned about the quality of the service we offer.

Without compromising the safety and respect of the regulations on the Seine, we make a point of honor to remain discreet but accessible and helpful during your cruise.


Want a little more fresh air or a snack? we are here to offer you.

Better know the boat and navigation rules? we love to share our experience of pleasure.

A guided tour? we know the Bridges of Paris from all angles...

"If through Paris on the Seine is a privilege, browse the Senang  is another."

Thomas, capitain of Senang.

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